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Our Firm

We are architects having our practice based out of Gurgaon. We have made our presence felt in NCR and many other states of India with various projects of prestige.

Our philosophy is to do research oriented design so as to cleanse out wastages and negative spaces bringing out relief to constricted design and hence resulting in spatial planning. As per us, the design has to be very basic. This approach interconnect  the spaces with a shoal of natural light. The design we  intent are space comfortable and visually grand with palette of soothing colors.

Our design principals have matured under the guidance’s of practicing legends showcasing projects in domestic and foreign lands creating their own leagues. 

We come with an experience of more than 20 years of intense design charades and interaction to evolve design for various architectural projects of varying scales.

We also enhance designs to the international scale by collaborating with International architects of repute and brand.

We are keen to work with teams and groups who are looking for the new fragrance of design. These we refer as the project ‘NEXT’. This approach adds to the advancement of the society by introducing futuristic element and textures to it.


Some of our key tag lines are:

  • Unique word is always a self-proclaimed idea.

  • The minimum factor design.

  • To visualize the interiors that space demands rather than the client demands.

  • Always look towards the new India.

  • We intent to use color as media to create the levels and to experience the space definition.

  • Simple basic engineered planning.

  • We have solutions for every budget and every type of projects.


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